Student Success Story


Aaesha Abdulrahim Alahmed
Applied Media Studies

As an Applied Media student, I aim to gain my work experience somewhere that suits my skills and abilities. For this reason I selected the RAK Police Media department. RAK police provided me and my colleagues with all the required resources and information which helped us a lot in our training. The department also nurtured our talent by giving us the chance to produce a short cooperate video. This shows the Media and Public Relations department supports creativity, innovation and wants to generate new ideas.
RAK Police is a committed, open and supportive organization that consists of staff who are warm, welcoming and all round nice people. They have a real passion for what they do and really care about others and the environment.
My goal is to pursue a career that I am passionate about. I have always dreamed of working behind the scenes and having a career in the Video Production Industry especially in editing. Thanks to my work experience, I have learned some of the tools I need in order to succeed and become a great editor. I will show every person who has helped me, that their efforts have paid off on me and I never gave up when I faced obstacles. Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of tasks I was involved in, and had an amazing time socializing with my friendly colleagues.


Mouza Ahmed Al Neaimi
Applied Media Studies

My work experience in Ras Al Khaimah radio station was amazing, unforgettable and very beneficial. I enjoyed working with RAK FM staff and being at the studio with broadcasters to get practice working on air, and to learn the things that I should and shouldn't do. As a media student, my background in broadcasting helped me a lot in my work experience. The most interesting thing for me was recording my voice for advertisements and listening to it on air. In my opinion, if your dream is being a broadcaster, RAK FM will help you to attain it, and if the broadcasting world is not your dream just try it anyway and I think it will be a really great experience.