Programs at Ras Al Khaimah Colleges


Applied Communications
Applied Communications (Applied Media) RKW- RKM
Applied Communications (Video Production) RKW- RKM
Business Administration RKW - RKM
Business Administration (International Business Management) RKW - RKM
Business Administration (Human Resource Management)RKW - RKM
Computer and Information Science
Computer System Support & Administration RKW- RKM
E-Office Support & Administration RKW
Information Technology (Networking) RKW- RKM
Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia Technologies) RKW
Information Technology (Applications Development) RKW
Information Systems (Security and Forensics) RKW - RKM
Information Systems (Business Solutions) RKW
Primary Education RKW
English Language Teaching in Schools RKW
Educational Technology RKW
Engineering Technology
Electronic Engineering Technology RKW- RKM
Applied Engineering Technology (Electronics) RKM
Applied Engineering Technology (Instrumentation) RKM
Mechatronic Engineering Technology RKM