Library Mission

HCT Library & Learning Services strive to develop independent and lifelong learners by:

- Acquiring, creating, and providing effective access to information and learning resources;
- Assisting students to attain the skills required to succeed in a knowledge-based society;
- Collaborating with faculty to create
- Deliver innovative learning opportunities;
- Promoting and using the most appropriate technologies available to provide information and learning services.


- A place to get help with finding information, to study and read.
- Books, Magazines, and Graded Readers.
- DVDs, Audio books, Manga, & Reference.
- Many thousands of quality online resources  - ebooks and databases full of journal articles.
- Use in the Library, in our reading and study areas, or access at home.
- Discover information and where to get it using our library catalogue.
- Get extra items sent from other HCT libraries, and with LIWA from ZU and UAEU.
- Learn how to research: to plan your study, locate and evaluate sources and information, and how to cite or reference.

Library Policies

- Students and staff must have their college IDs to borrow items.
- Students and staff are expected to pay for items damaged or lost from the Library.
- The late return of items might result in penalties.
- The library is a study and work area so should be kept tidy and quiet.
- No food or drink is allowed in the Learning Centre, except for water.
- Mobile phones should be switched to silent in the LRC

Learning Centre Mission

The Independent Learning Centre mission is to provide an environment beyond the classroom enriched with support, encouragement and assistance that is engaging and responsive to each student, allowing for individual differences and learning styles, with access to the very best learning opportunities using current technologies and resources that support student learning and development



- Peer Tutoring, i-Genius, Brain Boosters
- Spanish & Korean Clubs
- One on one tutoring with ILC Coordinators, Debra  or Robert (by appointment)
- Clarity Online Programs: Tense Buster, Road to IELTS, Pronunciation, i-Read
- Grammarly Online Program for proof reading & citations
- SharePoint site with 100’s of English exercises and practice tests, iPad  guides,  and link to schedule tutoring
- SRA & Graded Readers
- Practice IELTS  & CEPA exams
- Laptops
- Study Room