Counseling Services

The counseling services are designed to facilitate and nurture the development of the whole person and support the thrust of the HCT educational system. In its entire endeavor, it will strive to assist students to become effective learners equipped and ready to deal with the demands of their ever changing world. The following are the counseling services:

- Individual Counseling

- Group Counseling

- Consultation

- Referral

- Appraisal

There are workshops organized to cater to the personal, social, emotional, physical, and academic development of the student, such as but not limited to:

- Making friends and adjusting to college life

- Study habits and skills

- Time and stress management

- Mood management

- Developing resilience

- Developing emotional intelligence

- Health awareness and wellness

- Communication skills

- Problem solving

- How to deal with different people


RAK colleges care for the success of our students. Counseling programs and services are provided to students to nurture students and help them adjust to college life. Students who face personal problems will find help available to them through the services of our professionally-trained counselors. Academic and career support can also be provided in consultation with our faculty. All conversations with the counselor are confidential except when reporting is required by law. Students seeking to withdraw from the college should make an appointment with a college counselor to complete the necessary documentation and obtain information associated with future reenrollment opportunities.